Orbitkey introduces the Star Wars™ | Orbitkey Collection

Orbitkey introduces the Star Wars™ | Orbitkey Collection

Make the jump to Hyperspace with four limited edition Key Organisers from a galaxy far, far away.

Melbourne, AU (May 2022) – Feel the Force or awaken your dark side, Orbitkey today introduced the Star Wars™ | Orbitkey Collection, featuring four designs inspired by iconic characters. From the Original Trilogy to The Mandalorian™, the Star Wars galaxy is filled with endless stories and timeless characters. Inspired by iconic heroes and villains, these special-edition Key Organisers celebrate Star Wars in Orbitkey’s elegant and understated design language.

Whether trekking through the unforgiving dunes of Tatooine™ or aboard the technological terror that is the Death Star™, this collection will help you stay organised in a galaxy far far away. Journey to the outer-rim on a galactic adventure that begins with four Key Organisers inspired by Boba Fett™, The Mandalorian™, Grogu™ and Emperor Palpatine™.

Star Wars | Orbitkey Key Organiser - Boba Fett™

Like the Bounty Hunter’s armour designed to withstand the unforgiving dunes of Tatooine™, this limited edition Key Organiser is designed to withstand the toughest environments in your galaxy. The contemporary camo nylon band and maroon leather lining pays homage to Boba Fett’s iconic helmet and chest plate, while gunmetal hardware is reminiscent of his dangerous armaments.

"As you wish" - The Boba Fett™️, Star Wars | Orbitkey, Key Organiser.

Star Wars | Orbitkey Key Organiser - The Mandalorian™

This limited edition Key Organiser features a charcoal crazy horse leather band with brown stitching that resembles the bounty hunter’s armor. The Beskar inspired silver polished hardware and durable brown leather lining is synonymous with the Mandalorian’s intimidating stance.

"This is the way" - The Mandalorian™️, Star Wars | Orbitkey, Key Organiser.

Star Wars | Orbitkey Key Organiser - Grogu™

Crafted with light tan suede and complementing hints of green in the stitching and leather lining, this Grogu inspired limited edition Key Organiser embodies the design of his comforting robes. The silver hardware is symbolic of Grogu’s curiosity towards his favourite mechanical components within the Razor Crest™, and his undeniable cheekiness.

"Don't be Afraid" - The Grogu™️, Star Wars | Orbitkey, Key Organiser.

Star Wars | Orbitkey Key Organiser - Palpatine™

No design better exemplifies the sheer power and status the Emperor holds throughout the galaxy than this limited edition black saffiano leather Key Organiser. The luxurious band is detailed and textured, with deep purple stitching and leather lining that is synonymous with Palpatine’s Sith™ robes, and reminiscent of the Sith Lord’s devastating Force lightning abilities.

"Power! Unlimited Power!" - The Emperor Palpatine™️, Star Wars | Orbitkey Key Organiser.

Pricing and Availability

The Star Wars™ | Orbitkey Collection will be available at www.orbitkey.com in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, The US and other countries* from Wednesday, 4 May 2022.

Orders will begin to ship from 17 May 2022.

Available in 4 designs: Boba Fett™, The Mandalorian™, Grogu™ and Emperor Palpatine™.

Each Key Organiser is priced at: AU$54.90 / US$44.90 / CA$69.90

Available Here on May the 4th.

*Other Countries include; Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, East Timor, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Kuwait, Laos, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Maldives, Marianna Islands, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam and Yemen

About Orbitkey
Orbitkey is a lifestyle brand helping people live better lives through clever and innovative organisation solutions. It started in 2013 with a simple idea to solve the frustration of carrying messy keys. With the support of the crowdfunding community, the first Orbitkey Key Organiser was brought to life. Since then, Orbitkey has launched six Kickstarter campaigns, raising over US$3.25 million.

Today, Orbitkey is proud to be Climate Neutral Certified, with a team of 31 passionate individuals based in Melbourne, Australia. As they constantly strive to redefine the way we organise, their product range has since grown to help people organise more than just their keys.

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