Introducing the Travel Kit, Nail File, Mirror & Extension Post

Introducing the Travel Kit, Nail File, Mirror & Extension Post

Travelling, looking your best and managing many keys has never been this pocketable

Melbourne, AU (October 2018) – In our studio based in Melbourne, our designers have been endlessly crafting new ways to organise our keys. We’ve made three new tools to help you stay connected when you’re abroad, ready to smooth out discomfort at a moment’s notice, and with space to hold a few extra keys.

As travelling becomes a more commonly available pastime, it’s becoming more important to stay connected. The last thing we want in an unfamiliar place is hunting for a WIFI hotspot or convenience store with the rush of locals and tourists around while being utterly tired from a sleepless flight.

The Travel Kit allows you to swap and store your SIM cards with ease. Including a SIM tray ejector and storage for up to 2 Nano sized SIM cards.

Travel Kit Features

Swap and store up to 2 Nano SIM cards, conveniently. A handy tool for the jet-setter. The kit includes a SIM tray pin ejector. Compatible to work with Micro SD cards. An area to fill out your contact info.

Keep those nails smooth and your smile in check.

It’s important to feel our best when we’re out doing the things we do. By keeping a convenient mirror and versatile nail file in your pocket, you’ll be prepared to smoothen out discomfort at a moment’s notice. A convenient slim mirror combined with a versatile nail file. You’ll look and feel great, any time of the day.

Nail File / Mirror features:

A convenient slim mirror. A versatile nail file to keep your nails smooth, made of stainless steel. It takes the space of one key in the Key Organiser.

Key Maximalists rejoice

Got a few extra keys that just don't fit anywhere? The Extension post allows you to hold up to four extra keys on the Key organiser. It's easy to install and effortless to use. The best thing about it? You can use it with any 2.0 Key Organiser.

Extension post features:

An easy to install accessory, screw on and attach your keys. Enable your Key Organiser to hold four extra keys. Made of stainless steel - the same as our locking mechanism hardware.

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About Orbitkey
Orbitkey is a lifestyle brand helping people live better lives through clever and innovative organisation solutions. It started in 2013 with a simple idea to solve the frustration of carrying messy keys. With the support of the crowdfunding community, the first Orbitkey Key Organiser was brought to life. Since then, Orbitkey has launched six Kickstarter campaigns, raising over US$3.25 million.

Today, Orbitkey is a team of 26 passionate individuals based in Melbourne, Australia. As they constantly strive to redefine the way we organise, their product range has since grown to help people organise more than just their keys. In April 2020, Orbitkey also became a Climate Neutral Certified brand.

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