Orbitkey partners with Eclat, contributing to beautiful Curated Workspaces

Orbitkey partners with Eclat, contributing to beautiful Curated Workspaces

Personalized Desk Mats feature at Eclat serviced office spaces in Melbourne, Australia - uniquely designed to enhance workspace desk setups

Melbourne, AU (March 2023) – Today, Orbitkey announced a collaboration with bespoke curated workspace company, Eclat - through custom ordered desk mats, to be featured across dozens of desk setup within the luxurious workspace. Eclat is a culture, a lifestyle and a curated economy of brilliant people. Presenting a unique, members only workspace that provides not only a higher quality of work life balance but a new level of hospitality integrated into every facet of the experience.

Orbitkey had the incredible opportunity to speak with Eclat CEO, Nick Maxwell to discover more about their new serviced office spaces and mission towards developing a culture, lifestyle and a curated economy of like-minded people.

Inside the serviced office spaces at Eclat Melbourne.

Tell us a little bit about the team and Eclat. Where the idea started, how the space became to be and what you’re doing differently.

The idea for Eclat started 8 years ago and since that time, we have been developing and refining the product and the brand with detail that will ensure our members and partners are met with the highest levels of quality and experiences. We have Bureau offices, meeting rooms, zoom and phone rooms, as well as a members-only bar, restaurant, café, podcast studio, gymnasium and event space. What separates us is the quality of our finishes and our culture focus. Weekly events for our members are experiences that are often unreachable – at Eclat, they’re all just standard for being part of our community.

What’s Eclat looking to achieve through the new space, over the next few years?

Member satisfaction will always be the driving force behind everything we do. Our team are here to offer great experiences but also to help support each members’ business through our Eclat network.

Entrance to Eclat's serviced office spaces in Camberwell, Melbourne.

What was special about Orbitkey that motivated the Eclat team to get in touch?

As part of our desire to offer the highest quality for our members, we joined force with Mark Miller and created Forme design. Forme have developed and manufactured all our furniture, right here in Melbourne, with our sit-stand desks being a heavy focus. The Orbitkey desk mats are a perfect compliment to our Forme desks, helping members create an organised and professional workspace.

How has Orbitkey been able to support you in contributing to a new contemporary approach to work, through the gifting experience?

Along with our other partners, Orbitkey has helped us set up our members’ workspace so they’re ready to achieve the minute they walk into the door of their Bureau office. It’s an extra touch like this that shows the desire to continue to go above and beyond for our members.

Orbitkey Desk Mat in Stone, featuring the document hideaway layer.

To learn more about Eclat, request a tour or apply for a membership, visit eclat.com to submit an enquiry.

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