The Orbitkey Desk Mat is not just your regular desk mat

The Orbitkey Desk Mat is not just your regular desk mat

A clever solution to organise and optimise your desk space, helping you stay productive throughout the day.

Melbourne, AU (July 2020) – After having spent most of 2020 at home, mess regularly piles up and understandably so – especially since work and home have unknowingly blurred together, and a lot of us might be finding it difficult to separate the two. We all love the feeling of working at a neat and tidy desk – an organised space that can help us focus, free from unnecessary distractions. The Orbitkey Desk Mat will help you do just that.

Whether you work from home or just need a dedicated space for personal life admin (or both!), the Desk Mat is perfect for those who appreciate a minimal yet functional design to enhance their productivity. Designed to help you create a beautiful and clutter-free desk space, the Orbitkey Desk Mat has built-in organisational features that make it stand out from the crowd.

More than meets the eye

Organise - Underneath the top layer is a Document Hideaway to store loose paper and notes so they don’t get misplaced or pile up around you. The Toolbar provides a dedicated space to store your frequently-used work essentials, such as stationery and other small accessories.

Flexible set-up – The Magnetic Cable Holder can be placed anywhere along the Toolbar to suit your needs, ensuring your cable is always in place and preventing it from falling off the table.

Comfortable surface – The soft and smooth Vegan Leather will add a touch of warmth to any space and is comfortable to work on all day long. Perfect for writing and uninterrupted mouse tracking, for both right and left-handed users. The Medium Desk Mat is able to fit a computer keyboard/15-inch laptop and a mouse comfortably, while the Large Desk Mat can also accommodate a tablet or A4 notepad.

Durable and easy to clean – The top layer is water-repellent and can be easily wiped clean.

Pricing and availability

Launching on on 8 December 2020, 6pm EST / 9 December 2020, 10am AEDT.

Available in two colours – Black and Stone – in sizes Medium (680 x 370mm / 26.7 x 14.5 inches) and Large (890 x 420mm / 35 x 16.5 inches).

Priced at US$64.90 / AU$89.90 / €64.90 for Medium and US$84.90 / AU$114.90 / €84.90 for Large.

About Orbitkey
Orbitkey is a lifestyle brand helping people live better lives through clever and innovative organisation solutions. It started in 2013 with a simple idea to solve the frustration of carrying messy keys. With the support of the crowdfunding community, the first Orbitkey Key Organiser was brought to life. Since then, Orbitkey has launched six Kickstarter campaigns, raising over US$3.25 million.

Today, Orbitkey is a team of 26 passionate individuals based in Melbourne, Australia. As they constantly strive to redefine the way we organise, their product range has since grown to help people organise more than just their keys. In April 2020, Orbitkey also became a Climate Neutral Certified brand.

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